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Certified Chimney Sweeps Grimsby. With the increasing number of people returning to solid fuel to heat their homes so the number of Chimney Sweeps is rising. But without any knowledge or training anybody can buy themselves a set of rods and brushes and set up in business. Don’t be caught out! Only trained and qualified Sweeps are certified to issue National   Sweeping Certificates. Brushed Up! are experienced, trained Chimney Sweeps and are recognised as such by Sweep Safe and The Guild of Master Sweeps.

Stove repair and refurbishment Grimsby.
Whether it’s new door seals, cracked glass or bricks we can supply and fit any part to just about any stove on the market today. Also a free service and assessment of your stove is included with every sweep.

Ventilation advice and installation. The ventilation in your home plays a major part in how your chimney works. If there are problems with the performance of your chimney, we have the expertise to advise on curing it.

Bird nest removal. Birds (normally Jackdaws) will persistently drop large twigs down your chimney until one of them catches, they will then keep dropping twigs until the resulting nest is just below the top of the chimney pot. Nests can be several metres deep and are not easily removed. We have the tools and experience to remove them.

Creosote removal (A highly flammable tar that can result from burning damp wood.)There is no way to remove creosote by sweeping alone, except perhaps with a chain flail which will seriously damage the inside lining of the chimney and could result in carbon monoxide leaking into your home. We use a chemical process that immediately renders the creosote non flammable and safe before going on to expand and crumble the creosote so that it can easily be removed.

National Sweeping Certificates Issue. A chimney fire can be costly to life and property. Make sure your Chimney Sweep is able to provide you with a National Sweeping Certificate. Insurance companies will require it in the event of a claim for loss or damages.

Chimney re-lining Grimsby. If you love your open fire but your chimney is badly deteriorated or leaking there is a permanent solution without the need for breaking into brickwork and the major disruption that causes. Eldfast is a patented product that is slide cast into your existing chimney, sealing and strengthening as it dries. It is the only re-lining method that is guaranteed to withstand any future chimney fires.

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Fully trained team offering a variety of skills

Paul has just been and serviced my multi fuel stove. He found it wasn’t fitted properly, and has sorted it out for me. Would recommend him to everyone with a stove. Thank you Paul.